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Orange is the U.K. based telecom carrier as well as internet service provider. The company is known as Orange S.A. since 2000, the year France Telecom acquired it. After the acquisition the company adopted the Orange brand for all communication activities related to mobile communications. The customers using the mobile and former broad band service of the company are more than seventeen million. Originally the company was founded in 1993. Olaf Swantee is currently the chief executive of the company. EE is the parent company of Orange and in 2009 it generated revenue of more than five thousand million pounds.

You need
Before you start thinking about doing anything you need to have a computer, web browser, Internet connection and an email account.

Step by Step Email Login Guide

1. Browse to the Orange email login page: “”

2. You should see email addressand password fields on the page. The email and password fields are to be filled out by you.

3. Press the “Sign in” button. You will be taken right to your email account.

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